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Apla-Tech Air Full Set

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  • Apla-Tech Air Full Set
  • Apla-Tech Air-Tape Head
  • Apla-Tech Apla-Catoor Tubes
  • Apla-Tech Air Trigger Valve with Brake

Apla-Tech Air Full Set (APL-AIRSET)

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  • Item #: APL-AIRSET
  • Availability: In stock
  • Brand: Apla-Tech

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Product Details
Apla-Tech Air Full Set

The Apla-Tech Air Flow System is fast, easy, and offers many ergonomic and performance benefits over traditional drywall taping and finishing methods. This system utilzes the power of an Apla-Tech Pump (choice of three - 5, 10 & 15 gal.) and an air compressor to deliver joint compound fast and smoothly. The real hero in this system is the Cannon - an all-in-wonder drywall finishing tool that will run your Boxes and Angle Head, all ergonomically. Of course, you will need to refill your tools when they are empty. However, you should get approximately 30% more work done (over automatic taping tools) before you will need to refill. The system is not labor intensive like traditional methods.

Manufacturer Apla-Tech
Condition new

Overall Customer Rating:

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  • great product

    Posted by john on (11/19/11)

    Nice product...been years since I used 1 took me a minute but after 30 min. Finishing was a breeze...

  • Apla Tech Full set first impressions

    Posted by Yuri on (9/16/11)

    I thought I would post a very short review of my very first impressions of Apla tech tools.
    I must say from the start that at this point I have not used them. They just arrived today and I intend to review the very first impressions of having them and process of purchasing and shipping.
    I also intend to do a follow up review of using the tools and results.
    Ok, the review. You know when you go and buy pretty much anything these day you get something either from China or elsewhere and it's that cheap, flimsy feel you get. You know it's not going to be a good experience from the get go. Well with the set of Apla Tech tools arriving at my door today it was nothing like that. For once you can see and feel a good solid quality build in USA product that will last you for a while.
    The tools feel very nice. BTW you should see the free case they come in, oh boy is it ever nice, it's like a case from James Bond movies, very well built and a good addition to the tools.
    Overall I was very pleased with customer service I've received from both Wall Tools and Apla Tech.
    Shipping was a breeze even those they had to ship internationally I'm in Canada.
    At this point I'm looking forward to using the tools and I hope to be as pleased as I am right now with the feel of them.

    To be continued...

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