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Columbia Taping Tools Full Set

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  • Columbia Taping Tools Full Set
  • Columbia Automatic Taper
  • Columbia Automatic Taper
  • Columbia Automatic Taper

Columbia Taping Tools Full Set (COL-FULL2)

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  • Item #: COL-FULL2
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Product Details

This Columbia Full Set is the genuine article. Included are the most popular assortment of commercial grade automatic taping tools available today. This set has been pre-configured with our most popular sized Angle Heads, and Flat Boxes.

  • Columbia Quick Clean Mud Pump
  • Columbia Automatic Taper
  • Columbia Corner Roller
  • Columbia Corner Roller Handle,4 ft.,
  • Columbia Corner Box
  • Columbia Corner Box Handle, 4 ft.,
  • ReachLine Extendable upgradable.
  • Columbia Angle Head,
  • Fat Head upgradable.
  • Columbia Angle Head Handle, 4 ft.,
  • ReachLine Extendable upgradable.
  • Columbia Flat Finisher Flat Boxes,
  • Fat Boy upgradable.
  • Columbia 180 Grip Flat Box Handle, HydraReach 2.0 upgradable.
  • Columbia Gooseneck
  • Columbia Box Filler

The Columbia Full Set includes a complete set of Taping Tools, and Finishing Tools - everything you need to tape and finish in record speed while producing professional results. Built it for Performance Wall Tools allows you to truly Build your Own set without limitations. Customizing your own set is absolutely recommended when purchasing Automatic Taping Tools. Wall Tools allows you to configure a set like no other. Choose your options and upgrades according to the way you work. Choose all the options according to your personal preference. For example, some drywall taper's prefer to start with a 10" Flat Finisher Flat Box and then finish coat with a 12" Flat Finisher Flat Box. Others start with a high capacity 8" Fat Boy Flat Box and finish with a 12" Flat Finisher Box. Subtract tools or Add tools, until you've got this Columbia Full Set dialed in just the way you like. The Big Difference The hero in this full set is the Columbia Automatic Taper. We have yet to find a customer that doesn't agree that this is one finely crafted automatic drywall taper. It cuts smoother, runs in the corners with less drag, and is built from the finest billet aluminum and stainless steel components for bullet proof performance and long life. This automatic taper is the choice of many of the largest commercial drywall companies across America for a reason... it's rock solid.

  • Exclusive Split Clutch design for lower drag feel in the corners (vs. dual friction disc which when creasing acts as a brake on the inside of the hollow shaft creating a drag like feel in the corners.)
  • True Hard Anodize Control Tube (vs. decorative colors that wear lines and grooves in them over time.)
  • Knurled Control Sleeve is 3" longer for better grip and control
  • Billet Aluminum Cutter Trigger won't snap or crack like cast brass
  • Adjustable Brake allows you to set the tension of your Taper Head Wheels
  • Stainless Steel Creaser Arms for lifetime usage (vs. aluminum or welded designs with cannot take a fall)
  • Stainless Steel Side Plates for lifetime usage (vs. corrosive aluminum designs)
  • Stainless Steel Perforated Cable Drum (vs. solid aluminum designs which corrode and essentially weld to the hollow shaft making it virtually impossible to remove without cutting.)
  • Solid Stainless Steel Value for lifetime usage (vs. ornamental thin wall tube that needs to be rewelded over time and experiences leakage.)
  • Billet Aluminum Components (vs. Thin wall tube, punched steel, and weak casts which erode and become inaccurate)

This Full Set is backed by the industries best 5 year warranty. Wall Tools offers you the flexibility to get the tools you need at the price you want. Make sure you checkout our RSS Feeds to find discount coupon codes and other special offers.

Manufacturer Columbia Taping Tools
Condition new
Warranty 5 Year

Overall Customer Rating:

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  • Great tools!

    Posted by Dawgbone on (5/27/15)

    Phenomenal tools! Couldn't ask for better quailty workmanship.

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